by James E. Fargo, FSA Scot

The thanedom of Cranach included the lands of Kynknoc. The thanedom was located on the north side of Loch Tay next to the Robertson barony of Disher.

In a Crown charter dated 1379; the lands of Kynachan and others were given to Janet by her father Robert de Atholia (2nd chief) on her marriage to Menzies of Fothergill. Janet’s daughter, also named Janet married Duncan Stewart, the natural son of the Earl of Buchan (the Wolf of Badenoch) and their descendants became known as the Stewarts of Garth Castle.

On July 8, 1450, Robert, son of Duncan de Atholia (3rd chief), in his duty as baillie of the earldom of Atholl (before becoming 4th chief) submitted his receipts and money collected from the various estates (including Kynachan) and farms within the earldom to the Monastery of the Holy Cross (Holyrood) in Edinburgh.

In 1742, Thomas Kinnoch, alias Robertson, lived in the Dunkeld parish.

The name of the estate, Kynoch (and various spellings) was reportedly assumed as an alias surname to protect their identity following the failure of the ’45 Rising.

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