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Clan Donnachaidh (Children of Duncan) - Duncan, Reid, Robertson and Septs of those Clans

Adamnan was the eighth abbot of Iona and a blood relation of Saint Columba as were the abbots before him. He was expelled from Iona by his monks because he yielded to the Roman church on the tonsure, the dating of Easter and other ....

By Jim Fargo

Adaman Of Dull

The Clan DNA project is administered by After many years of considering sending a sample, this spring I did so. The sample must be given by a person with a clan surname. If you are like me and are a Donnachaidh through.....

A Personal Story by Ron Bentz

Clan DNA Project

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Sam Kistler

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Ron Bentz


Norman Dunkinson


Volume 1 Issue 1

May 2012

Volume 1 Issue 2

September 2012

Volume 2 Issue 1

January 2013

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Robertson’s Rant

Membership in the Society shall be open to Clansmen and Clanswomen bearing the names of Duncan and Robertson, and the names of the accepted Septs of the Clan, namely:- Duncanson, MacConachie, MacDonachie, Donachie, Dunnachie, Tonnachy, MacRobert, Collier, Colyear, Inches, Reid, Roy, Roberts, Macinroy, MacIvor, Maclagan, Stark, MacRobie or variations in the spelling of these names, and others who claim to be of the Clan.

Ladies bearing the name, either by Parentage or Marriage, and all lineal descendants in the female line, whether male or female, and Husbands of Lady Members may become Members also.

Clan Donnachaidh

Event Name



PA Ren. Celtic Fling & Highland Games

Mount Hope, PA.

Jun 27th & 28th

Grandfather Mountain Highland Games

MacCray Medows Linville, NC.

Jul 9th to 12th

Adams County Irish Festival

Gettysburg, Pa

Jul 18th

McLain Celtic Festival

Carlisle PA, 2 Mi House, Walnut Btm. Rd.

Sep 5th

Virginia Scottish Games

The Plains, VA. (D.D.)

Sep 5th & 6th

Edinboro Games & Scottish Festival

Edinboro U. PA. 219 Meadville St.

Sep 10th to 13th

(D.D.) - Evan & Rosalie Duncan will be present at this event with the Donnachaidh Dinner


Volume 2 Issue 2

June 2013

Volume 2 Issue 3

November 2013

Volume 3 Issue 1

June 2014

Volume 3 Issue 2

November 2014

Photos from the Colonial Highland Gathering in Fair Hill, Maryland, on May 16, 2015

Volume 4 Issue 1

July 2015